Longboard Trucks Bushings Barrel shape

Bushings Barrel shape

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  • Durometer: 91A
  • Durometer: 95.5A
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      RipTide Barrels WFB...

      <p>The Barrels are a classic shape for Downhill and freeriding. It ensure a maximum of stability at high speed. Set of two (For ine truck)</p>
      Price €11.50
      product name

          RipTide Paris Canon...

          <p>The Canon bushings are the equivalent to Riptides standard Barrel Bushing sized specifically for the seat of Paris Trucks. <strong>Set of Two (for one trucks)</strong></p>
          Price €11.50
          product name

              Venom Tall Barrels SHR...

              <p>Venom SHR Ronin specific. Made out of Ultra High Rebound Formula, those Venom bushings are a great update to any models of Ronin Trucks. Tall barrels shape. <strong>Set of two bushings (For one truck)</strong></p>
              Price €15.95