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  • Durometer: Hard
  • Durometer: 97.5A
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      RipTide Tall Barrels...

      <p>Tall Barrels bushings specialy made for Ronin trucks (Cast and Billet). The barrel shape ensure maximum stability for speed and downhill use. APS Urethane. Fit Ronin Trucks, Arsenal Trucks, Bear Kodiak, Rogue,... <strong>Set of two bushings (For one single truck)</strong></p>
      Price €10.95
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          Riptide Street Barrel/...

          <p>Riptide Street Barrels/ Short Street Cone combo in APS Formula. Those bushings are a real upgrade for your skateboard trucks. The high quality urethane range from 60A(extremly soft) to 97.5A(Hard), so no matter if you are a yound kid or a fat old guy, you will get the duro that you need. Barrel/ Cone combo is a good mix between stabily and agility. Fit most " indy style" conventional trucks(Indepedendent, Venture, Tensor, Iron, Thunder,...) <strong>Set of 4 cushions with cup washers.</strong></p>
          Price €18.95
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              Riptide Short Street...

              <p>Riptide Short Street Barrels bushings. Fit most TKP  street &amp; cruisers Trucks. Use the short Street barrel road side, in addition with a <a href="https://fulkit-skateboards.com/en/bushings/4330-55726-riptide-street-barrels-aps-skateboard-bushings.html">street barrel</a> or <a href="https://fulkit-skateboards.com/en/bushings/377-558-riptide-street-chubby-aps.html">street chubby</a> board side. Barrels maximize the stabily and reduce the truck's lean. APS Formula with a large choice of durometers ranging from 60A(Very soft) to 97.5A(Very Hard). <strong>Set of 2 bushings with flat washers</strong></p>
              Price €9.50
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                  RipTide Paris Canon...

                  <p>The Canon bushings are the equivalent to Riptides standard Barrel Bushing sized specifically for the seat of Paris Trucks.<strong> Set of two bushings</strong></p>
                  Price €9.50
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                      Riptide Evolve Krank...

                      <p>Complete kit of bushings, pivot cups, and washers for optimal adjustment of Evolve electric skateboard trucks. This box has been developed after numerous tests, and mixes different shapes and hardnesses of cushions for a perfect balance between maneuverability and stability. The Krank formula, allows you to refine the adjustment by playing on the tightening.</p>
                      Price €99.95
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                          RipTide Barrels APS...

                          <p>The Barrels are a classic shape for Downhill and freeriding. It ensure a maximum of stability at high speed.</p> <p>Set of two (For one truck)</p>
                          Price €9.50
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                              Orangatang Nipples...

                              <p>Set of 4 barrels bushings poured out of the same urethane as the Orangatang wheels</p>
                              Price €19.95