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Bushings Cone shape

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  • Durometer: 95A
  • Bushings Heights & Shapes: Special shape
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      RipTide Tall Fat Cones...

      <p>RipTide Tall Fat Cones has the circumference of a barrel where the bushings sit on the truck, and then gradually widens to the size of a chubby where the washers sit. This gives you the ability to get more lean than a chubby, while giving you progressive resistance the more you turn. APS Urethane. Tall bushings are specificly made for Ronin, Rogue, Bear Kodiak trucks. <strong>Set of two bushings</strong></p>
      Price €13.95
      product name

          RipTide FatCones APS...

          <p><span>Riptide Fat Cones have the same initial stability as a Barrel but as you lean, they offer progressively higher resistance the further you go.  <span>The Barrel / FatCone setup</span><span> is for those looking for higher stability at higher speeds but still highly maneuverable for slides, high speed carving and downhill applications.  This setup is ideal when you need to restrict the ends of the lean to prevent wheelbite or if you just like a more progressive feel to your setup. APS Formula. Set of 2 bushings with washers</span></span><strong></strong></p>
          Price €11.50