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Skateboard T-Tool

<p>Skateboard T- Tool. All in one tool to tune your skateboard. 9/16 inch kingpin socket; 1/2 inch axle nut socket; 3/8 inch hardware socket; Phillips screwdriver; Allen wrench</p>
Price €8.33

Nose Guards for...

<p>This nose guards are very easy to set and will prevent nose/tail cracks. Set of 2 nose/tail guards. No tools, screws, or glue required. Would fits most longboards</p>
Price €12.46

Wall mounted Board Rack

<p>Skateboard wall rack. Easy to instal. The rack is composed of 6 elements and is made for 3 boards. You can esailly add extra elements to fit more boards</p>
Price €24.96

Bearing tool

<p>Bearings tool acts as both a bearing press and a puller as well. It works with 8mm bearing and for the 90% of people not using spacers in their wheels. It is designed to press the bearings putting only force on the inner race so you wont dent your shields. Ball detent technology and small enough to fit in your pocket and make it your keychain.</p>
Price €13.33

Skateboard Wall Hanger

<p>Skateboard Wall hanger. Very easy to instal. Mounting screws included</p>
Price €12.46

Skateboard Y-Tool

<p>Skateboard Y Multi-tool. Fearturing: 3/8" Socket for Hardware Bolts; 1/2" Socket for Wheel Axle; 9/16" Socket for Truck Kingpin; Self Aligning Theader for Stripped Axles; Removable "Y" Piece fir Bolt Heads; "Y" Piece Includes 1/8" Allen and Phillips</p>
Price €12.46