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Mini Cruiser 31.75"...

<p>Mini Cruiser 31.75"x7.87" Nude Deck. 7 Ply Candian maple. Made in Canada</p>
Price €33.29
Koad Flachan Longboard Deck
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Koad Flachan Longboard...

<p>Koad Dibarel is handcraft in France and can handle various terrains such as Downhill, Pump track, Slalom. It has a light rocker, Diamond Tail, flat concave, wheel wells. Each board is numered and hand signed by its shaper. Size 35.83" x 8.86"". Wheelbase 23.82"-25". 7-ply Maple+ Fiberglass</p>
Price €149.96

Landyachtz Stratus 40"...

<p>It’s time to put on your favorite jam and get familiar with your new dancing partner! The Stratus 40"(Smallest) uses a unique ca nadian maple who provide a springy, surprisingly light, strong, and long lasting board. The symmetrical shape and smooth contours are just a couple features that will help you dance your way to the top; even if you have two left feet.</p>
Price €124.96

Cruzade Double Tail...

<p>Cruzade Double Tail Grab 9.375" x 31.5". Double Kicks Old school directional shape with square nose. 7 Plies US Maple. Shaped for bowl riding and cruising.Wheelbase 14.6"-15"; Nose 5.46"; Tail 6.83". Made in Spain</p>
Price €49.13

Arbor Axel Serrat 39"...

<p>Arbor Axel Serrat’s Pro Model was made to be as versatile as Axel is as a rider. From bombing hills, or skating the legendary street spots, Axel designed this deck to skate everything. The board's mellow concave provides a more stable feel for downhill, and the 6 truck mounting options allow for a wide range of turning radiuses and accommodates both standard or reverse kingpin trucks.</p>
Price €108.29

Cruzade Illuminaty...

<p>Cruzade Illuninaty Pizza 8.5" x 32.55", Old school double kicks directional shape with squared nose and fat tail. 7 Plies US Maple. Shaped for bowl riding and cruising in mind. The wide 8.5" plateform lets plenty of room for a confy ride. Made in Spain</p>
Price €49.13

Koad Bihan Diharz 37"...

<p>Koad Bihan Diharz 37" is a real "Pocket tool" for riders looking for a do it all longboard. Light enough to ollie and long enough for freeriding. 7 Plies maple+an additional ply of carbon give the stiffness that you will love when going fast. Handcraft in France. Each board comes signed by the shaper, with a unique serial number.</p>
Price €162.46

Koad Diharz 41"...

<p>Koad Diharz 41" is the biggest and more DH oriented version of the Bihan Diharz. With 2 plies Carbon fiber, W concave, Micro drop, double kicks, all the elements are meeting for a huge fun at freeriding and downhill. Handcrafted in France.</p>
Price €174.96

Koad Nijal Cruiser...

<p>Koad Nijal is hand craft in Britany. This cruiser skateboard is light and fun to ride, great for travelling or moving from a point to an other. The finest woods and glue are used to make this board more than "just a skate". Each deck has something unic and comes hand signed by Its shaper. <strong>Griptape non inclued.</strong></p>
Price €124.96

Madrid Explosion 9.5"...

<p>Madrid Explosion 9.5"x29.25" White. Reissue model from 1983. The explosion was a staple of the Madrid collection throughout the 80's. Board made in Hunington Beach USA</p>
Price €74.96

Yow J-Bay 33" Dream...

<p>YOW J-Bay 33" is an amazing alternative to surfing for days without waves. 33" is a mid size, responsive, but without loosing control. This board is intended to be set with surfskate trucks, however, you can also use it with regular or reversed Trucks for a cruising/carving use.</p>
Price €70.79

Cruzade Liberty 8.25"...

<p>Cruzade Liberty 8.25" x 32", Medium+ concave. Old school directional shape. 7 Plies US Maple. The Kamikaze is shaped for bowl riding and cruising. Made in Spain</p>
Price €49.13

Bustin Royce Pro...

<p>Drawing on the established shape that Will has been perfecting over the past few years. This Bustin board feature a fully functional kick tail and a slightly more upturned nose. This most recent version stays true to Will’s desire to pop fat ollies whenever his heart desires or when he discovers a gnarly cattle grate mid run down a new mountain pass road.</p>
Price €162.46
Yow Teahupoo 34" Surfskate Deck
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Yow Teahupoo 34"...

<p>YOW Teahupoo 34" is an amazing alternative to surfing for days without waves. 34" is powerfull a mid size. This board is intended to be set with surfskate trucks, however, you can also use it with regular Trucks for a cruising/carving use.</p>
Price €70.79

Loaded Tesseract...

<p><span style="font-family:Arial, serif;">Loaded Truncated Tesseract integrates rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for big mountain roads, high speeds, and snappy slides. Escape the three-dimensional confines of contemporary skateboarding and embrace the fourth dimension. <strong>Griptape included</strong></span></p>
Price €184.92

Landyachtz Evo 36"...

<p>When most people think of Landyachtz they think of the Evo. The concept from the beginning has been stability and control while at speed. The bi-products of that design are being easy to push and easy to learn on. The Evo has seen a couple minor revisions, the entire board have been shrunken by 10%, making the Evo 36. The smaller shape makes the classic lighter and more nimble.</p>
Price €154.13
Carver Triton Nitron 28" Surfskate Deck
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Carver Triton Nitron...

<p>The Carver Triton Nitron 28" is small enough for kids, big enough for adults. This a choice board for surfskating, but it can also be used as a cruiser, depending of its setting. 28"x9.25"; Wheelbase 14.75"; Nose 3.5"; Tail 5.75"</p>
Price €62.46

Santa Cruz Neon...

<p>Santa Cruz Neon Slasher Matte Stain 10.1" Reissue Skateboard from the late 80's. Graphic by Jim Philips. Wide 10.1" plateform with low concave. Size 10.1"x31.13". 7 Plies hardrock maple.</p>
Price €87.46
Koad Dibarel 41" Longboard Deck
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Koad Dibarel 41"...

<p>Koad Dibarel is handcraft in France and is made with Carving &amp; Freeriding in mind. It has a light rocker, pintail shape with fish tail tip, flat concave, wheel wells. Each board is numered and hand signed by its shaper. Size 41.34" x 9.84". Wheelbase 28.34"-29.53". 7-ply Maple+ Fiberglass</p>
Price €149.96

Elephant Evel Knievel...

<p>Elephant Evel Knievel N°1 find it's inspiration from old school shapes. This 9" wide directional gun is fun for bowl riding, street, or cruising. Elephant is Mike Valelely Natas own brand. 32.5" x 9" ; 7 plies maple.</p>
Price €66.63

Loaded Basalt...

<div id="description_block"> <div class="rte align_justify" id="description_content"> <p>Stash the quiver, clear your mind, and let the Basalt Tesseract be your versatile companion in the quest for four-wheeled illumination. The Basalt Tesseract integrates rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for hilly descents, snappy slides, lofty ollies, techy manual combos, and cross-steps galore.</p> <p></p> </div> </div> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €188.29

YOW Noosa 35"...

<p>YOW Noosa 35" surfskate deck. Classic symetrical shape with a low concave and flat tail &amp; noise. It’s shape and configuration will give you the feeling of surfing a short single fin surfboard when placing your feet and weight correctly. Printed griptape included</p>
Price €91.63

Blank Old School...

<p>Blank Old School Torpedo 32"x8.5" Skateboard Deck. 7 Ply Maple. Made in Canada.</p>
Price €33.29

Powell Peralta Rat...

<p>Powell Peralta Rat Bones 10" is a reissue from an iconic skateboard first released in 1983. Single kick old school shape. 10"x30"</p>
Price €79.13

Rocket Domination...

<p>The Domination was developed in 2014 with Rocket's team rider Dominic Schenk and got refined ever since. A 0.39” spoon micro drop together with a w-concave generates a pocket to lock your front foot. The board has a continuous concave in the area of the micro drop. The micro drop is compensated with a slight rocker at the back of the board. Your back foot is also locked while tucking, thanks to the combination of the w-concave, the rocker and the full concave of 0.59”. The flat 3D kick tail and the mini gas pedals complete this board and make it the perfect all-purpose tool.<br /><span></span></p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €183.29
Yow Rapa Nui 32" Surfskate Deck
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Yow Rapa Nui 32"...

<p>Yow Rapa Nui 32" x 9.5" give the more accurate surf feeling of any surfskate and is recommanded for surfers looking to improve their surfing technic as it is very unstable. For optimal result, we recommand setting this deck with Yow surfskate system</p> <p></p>
Price €66.63

Koad Obertiz Longboard...

<p>Want a board as efficient for downhill, freeriding, sliding or every day use, and on top of it hand crafted in Europe? Koad Obertiz is your go. 100cm of pleasure, with a micro drop, wheel flares, kicktail, W and deep flat concave. <strong>Griptape not included</strong></p>
Price €166.63

Landyachtz Osteon...

<p>Billy Bones designed this Landyachtz Osteon 35.5" directional race board with a unique front drop concept to keep your front foot super locked in for big drifts and tight corners. Deep concave and a compact shape also help make this board one of the most capable boards in the Landy's lineup.</p>
Price €154.13

Rocket Roton Black...

<p>The Roton is a modern single kick freeride board. It was developed together with Rocket's team rider Brian Scott Adkins. Thanks to the deep rocker and the wheelwell flares it gives you a great hold for stand up slides. The 3D kick begs for some tricks and manuals. The former double kick board got redesigned for 2019. The new single kick shape and a shorter wheel base make it an outstanding freeride board.</p>
Price €183.29

Cruzade Hotdog 8.5"...

<p>Cruzade Hotdog 8.5"x32.6", Medium+ concave. Old school directional shape. 7 Plies US Maple. The Hotdog is shaped for bowl riding and cruising. Made in Spain</p>
Price €49.13


<p>Designed by team rider and freeride wizard, Alex Hannigan, the Cheesegrater is going to shred some serious urethane, pavement, and dairy products if they get in its way. A combination of microdrops, wheel flares, and symmetrical design make this board solid no matter which way you skate it; except maybe upside down (and even then, it’d be worth trying).</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €129.13

Rocket Scout Longboard...

<div class="avia_textblock"> <p>Where old school meets new school you find the Scout: a good old banana rocker combined with well flares in the front and Rocket's own invention, the Comfortail in the back. A short convex part behind the back truck anatomically adapts to your feet. This makes the tail super comfortable to stand on and also gives you a nice pocket for your toe side stand up slides. The Scout feels at home on the mountains as well as in the city, on the pump track and even in the pool. It will be your new every day companion. Anywhere you go.</p> <p></p> </div> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €158.29

Loaded Omakase Palm...

<p><span>In matters of taste and experience, deferring to another's curation can be a radical act of choice. Originally designed around the Unlimited e-skate system, the Loaded Omakase stands on its own as a highly user-friendly analog board. Short, wide, stable, and nimble, the Omakase is a palate-pleasing performer for cruising, commuting, freeride, and freestyle longboarding alike.</span></p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €141.63

Rocket Hades Black...

<p><span>The Hades is a hardline downhill &amp; fast freeride board. The rocker is restricted to the foot platform so there is no influence on the angle of the trucks. Thanks to the wheel well flares and the flush cut at the front, the concave continues despite the flat nose. This allows the rider to stand above the front truck.</span></p>
Price €183.29

Rayne Whip 47" Peacock...

<p>Rayne Whip 47 is for those who want walk hard. Maybe even go for a short jog on their board; who knows? The 47 is oriented around the premiere board-walker; it’s the flexiest out of the three and is meant as a pure-bred freestyle/dancing hybrid that excels at everything that has to do with style and flow.</p>
Price €187.46

Moonshine Infuser...

<p>Infuse your freestyle and dancing game with new moves. The lightweight Infuser is a freestyle multi-purpose tool. This symmetrical top mount deck is great for cruising, carving, dancing and pushing your favorite trail. It features large urethane tip/tail for added durability, perfect subtle concave and perfect flex. Like any Moonshine deck, the board is 100% waterproof!</p>
Price €166.63