Standard longboard bushings

Standard Bushings (Longboard)

Standard Bushings are 16mm tall(0.660") and are found on most longboard trucks(reverted kingpin) such as  Paris, Caliber, Sabre, Atlas,...

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  • Durometer: 86A

Sabre Cones bushings

<p>Set of two Sabre cones bushings (for one trucks). Cones bushings are reactive and allow a maximum lean.</p>
Price €8.33

Sabre King Cones Bushings

<p>New to the Sabre bushings line up, King cone is stable and turny in the same time, perfect for freeriding. <strong>Set of two bushings</strong></p>
Price €8.33

Venom Freeride SHR

<p>More stable than a barrel and less restrictive than an Eliminator, the Venom Freeride SHR bushing has a wide, stepped design that can be flipped for different turning response. <strong>Set of two bushings (For one truck)</strong></p>
Price €12.08

Rad Barrels Longboard...

<p>Rad Barrels Bushings will give your board the response and feel you have been searching for. Many people underestimate the value of a high performance bushing which is why R.A.D. makes it easy by offering exactly what you need. <strong>Set of 2 bushings and 2 stamped flat washers</strong></p>
Price €8.33

Venom SHR Super Carve

<p>Set of 2 High Rebound Venom Super Carve conical bushings, made for carving in mind</p>
Price €7.92

Sabre Barrels bushings

<p>Set of two high quality urethane Sabre Barrel bushings(For one truck)</p>
Price €8.33