Long Distance Pushing

LDP(Long Distance Pushing) is all about pushing further on a skateboard

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Bustin Ibach Bukhal...

<p>Ibach Bukhal Graphic is the Bustin approach to straight, unadulterated, drag-racing speed. It’s radiused concave truck-platform on top of the drop is what makes this shape extra special—this curve is designed to reinforce the neck area, and strengthen it against breakage and torsional flex. <strong>Griptape included</strong></p>
Price €137.46

Pantheon Pranayama...

<div class="tab-pane fade active in" id="description"> <div class="product-description">The Prayanama is a LDP board made for the ones who want to go further with their skateboard. Ultra low plateform made to be used with 149mm TKP trucks(Paris Street 149) and large wheels(80 to 85mm).</div> </div>
Price €137.38

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