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Long Distance Pushing

LDP(Long Distance Pushing) is all about pushing further on a skateboard

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Pantheon Pranayama...

<div class="tab-pane fade active in" id="description"> <div class="product-description">The Prayanama is a LDP board made for the ones who want to go further with their skateboard. Ultra low plateform made to be used with 149mm TKP trucks(Paris Street 149) and large wheels(80 to 85mm).</div> </div>
Price €137.38

Rocket Rambler 38.4"...

<p>The Rocket Rambler offers an easy and affordable entry into LDP (long distance pumping/pushing). It is designed to run standard 50° trucks between 150mm and 180mm and wheels up to 90mm. It has a low standing platform which makes it easy to push and thanks to a wedged front and a dewedged back it pumps amazingly. Its ergonomic 3D concave locks your feet when needed but stays comfortable for hours. We even added a little tail to help you pop up the board at the end of your ride.</p>
Price €199.96

Pantheon Ember V2...

<p>Pantheon named this board the Ember for a reason. The all-too-typical longboarder story goes a little something like this: “I used to skate as a kid, and then I stopped for a while. Now I’m getting the itch again, and I came in to purchase a longboard since I’m getting older and I don’t take falls like I used to.” Well, Jeff-like future longboarders, does Pantheon have the board for you! The Ember is the flame that once was, waiting to be reignited into a burning fire if only given the love and attention it needs. <strong>DESIGNED AROUND TRADITIONAL STREET TRUCKS ONLY! 149MM AND UP! </strong></p>
Price €116.63

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