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  • Diameter: 62mm

Radar Sonar Cayman...

<p>Radar Sonar Cayman is a good first Wheel for the Roller Derby Fresh Meats. Its 43mm contact patch gives plenty of stability while the 62mm diameter offer some easy rolling. Made for an indoor use. Best results on coated rink floors. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p>
Price €15.79

Impala Light Up 62mm...

<p>Impala Light Up 62mm 82A Rollerskate leds wheels. Suited to indoor and outdoor rectreational use. Set of 4 wheels+ Abec 7 Bearings</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CFGC8R7xfZk" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €41.63

Clouds Urethane...

<p><span style="color:#444444;font-family:arial, custom, arial;font-size:12px;background-color:#ffffff;">The Quantum wheel is the latest creation to emerge from the Clouds Urethane Laboratory. </span><span style="color:#444444;font-family:arial, custom, arial;font-size:12px;background-color:#ffffff;">These classic 62mm 80a hybrid wheels are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 34mm width. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></span></p>
Price €20.79

Roll Line Gladiator...

<p>Roll Line Gladiator distinctive outer lip provides exceptional grip and the special compound makes it fast and smooth. The innovative width of 38 mm and the diameter of 62 mm make it perfect for all indorr roller derby game situations. Diameter Ø 63 mm Profile 38 mm. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p>
Price €36.67

Roll Line Formula...

<p>Roll Line  62mm Formula Rolle quad wheels have been created specifically for plastic and very slippery surfaces. This wheel has a particular chemical composition which guarantees high performance on difficult surfaces. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p>
Price €32.50

Roll Line Rapido 62mm...

<p>Roll Line Rapido 62x31 indoor Roller Quad Wheels. Slim wheels fast and reactive recommanded for advanced skaters. High traction on synthetic and slippy surfaces. Use: Rink Hockey, Artistic skate, Roller Derby. <strong>4 wheels Pack</strong></p>
Price €27.50

Roll Line Centurion...

<p>You have been eyeballing the Gladiator and Emperor wheels, but you crave Roll Line's slimmer wheels? The solution is here: the Roll Line Centurion. With a 62mm height and only 30mm width, you get agility and high performance straight out of the box. The extremly hard hub is light and profide a lots of speed. We recomment Centrion if you play in Jammer position. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p>
Price €32.50

Radar Energy 62 Roller...

<p>The Radar Energy 62 Wheels feature the finest outdoor urethane available for outdoor skating. The wheel is designed to glide smoothly over rough surfaces and small debris. Energy 62s are the most popular outdoor wheels on the market. <strong>Sold in packs of four wheels</strong>. To order a full set of wheels, be sure to set your quantity to two.</p>
Price €24.13

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