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      Chaya Grind Block...

      <p><span class="field_value is_big_string">The Chaya aluminum adapter is a tuning tool that helps you to turn your Chaya roller skate into a park skate. The adapter fits Chaya Shiva and Ophira plates and will fit the 2nd generation of Chaya Zena plates as well as SNEEKRSKATE plates. Chaya grind blocks can be easy assembled by a single screw to the adapter and off you go for your park skating session. </span></p>
      Price €14.95
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          CIB Slide Blocks

          <p>CIB(Chicks In Bowls) Slide Blocks come in four sizes and are compatible with popular plates. Best of all, they’re super easy to install without removing plates! Mounting hardware and 10°/20° adaptaters included</p>
          Price €109.95
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              CIB Slide Blocks...

              <p>CIB Slide Blocks adjustement to fit Roll Line Blaster Plates. We widen the support bar holes so you can use the CIB Slide Blocks on Roll Line Blaster plates. <strong>ATTN: This a service, plates and slide blocks are sold separatly.</strong></p> <p><strong></strong></p>
              Price €12.00
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                  Discoblox Radius...

                  <p>Kit for making Discoblox fit onto plates with tapered kingpins such as Powerdyne Reactor, Revenge and Rival.  Kit comes with 4 washers and 4 trimmed cushions in either 88a or 93a.</p>
                  Price €39.95
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                      Discoblox Standard...

                      <p>Discoblox Slide blocks are so easy to instal on most US plates. No need to remove the plates from the shoes. This is the perfect addition for your rollerskates if you plane to ride Park or bowl. The slide blocks comes with a set of barrel cushions. To decide witch size fits best your plates, please refer to our photos.</p>
                      Price €89.95