List of products by brand Root Longboards

Root longboards is a German company who produce hand made decks. We have discovered the brand and its shapers during ISPO Munichen 2013 Trade Show. Root is one of our favorite brand as their shapes are simply unique!

Root sticker Red

<p>German company Root longboard sticker. Logo black on red. Size 5,5x8,5cm</p>
Price €0.42

Root sticker Large Logo

<p>German company Root longboard sticker. Logo black &amp; white. Diameter 9.5cm</p>
Price €0.79

Root Brainfukker slide...

<p>Root Brainfukker slide pucks are some of the longest lasting pucks that we have test. 9cm diameter, 1.4cm thick. <strong>Set of two pulcks with Velcro on.</strong></p>
Price €15.83

Root Nymphaea...

<p>Root Nymphaea is Lilian Gutsch's Signature model. This high performance downhiil &amp; freeride board is specifictly designed for small riders girls and boys. Narrow board, gives small feet the chance to put more pressure on the edges, without having to change position all the time, whyle short wheelbase means standing closer to the trucks witch leads to more control. <strong>Griptape not included</strong></p>
Price €173.25