Caliber Standard Raw Skateboard Truck(Single)

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Caliber Standard Raw Skateboard Truck(Single)

22,50 €

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The Caliber standard RKP truck is built to withstand a lot of abuse and ride extremely well in all environments. From slashing the hills, to grinding the pool coping this truck is solid. The goal behind the Caliber Standard Truck design was to create a skateboard truck for skaters who skate everything. Sold as a single truck

Size chart:

8" axle width=5.315" Hanger width(135mm); Weight 345Grs; Recommanded for decks 7.75" to 8.25"

8.5" Axle width=5.8" hanger width(148mm); Weight 360Grs; Recommanded for decks 8.3" to 8.6"

9" Axle width=6.3" hanger width(160mm); Weight 370Grs; Recommanded for decks 8.8" to 9.5"

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Data sheet

  • Height - 54mm
  • Width - 8"/135mm; 8.5"/148mm; 9"/160mm
  • Weight - 345Grs; 360Grs; 370Grs
  • Disciplines - Bowl, Street, Slides


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