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      Bones Super Reds Skateboard bearings(8 Pces)

      <p>Bones Super REDS® are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market at this price point. What Super REDS® are not is a REDS® bearing with just better super finishing (surface polishing). Super REDS® are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better quality and grade balls, and a superior surface finish. <strong>Set of 8 bearings</strong></p>
      Price €39.95
      product name

          Bronson Speed Co. Raw Skateboard Bearings (8 Pk)

          <p>Set of 8 skateboard bearings (= for 4 wheels) Bronson Speed Co. Raw with visible steel balls. The absence of shields prevents any risk of parasitic contact that could generate a loss of speed, and reduces ball expansion due to heat. The balls are held in a shock-resistant cage and treated with a special lubricant to combat moisture and corrosion. Because the bearings are shieldless, its prevents the accumulation of dirt in the bearing and facilitates cleaning. Bronson Raw bearings are used by many pro skaters. Nitrogen filled shrink wrap, reduces metal &amp; oil oxidation until ready to be ridden</p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/L-rM3tJVgKY?si=TzyweIACOb2rc7UC" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
          Price €54.95