List of products by brand Harfang

    Harfang Sub Ski...

    <p>Harfang sub-ski assembly hardware. Used to fasten the snowskate trucks to the sub-deck. Full Thread, Stainless steel A2. Teflon thread lock. Use M6 x 16mm for actual Harfang Trucks, or M6 x 25mm for older versions. Set of 4 bolts(for to trucks). Use wrench tool N°10</p>
    Price €4.17

      Harfang Top Deck...

      <p>Harfang hardware to assemble snowskate trucks with the top deck. M6(metric 6mm) stainless steel bolts with philips flat heads. This is the standard size used for snowskate mountings. If you are using a skateboard deck as the top deck, you will need the widen the mouting holes to 6mm. use lenght size 25mm if you do not use riser pads, or 35mm if you are using 1/2" riser pad. <strong>Set of 4 bolts with nuts</strong></p>
      Price €6.63

        Harfang 1/2" Riser...

        <p>Harfang snowskate 1/2" riser pads to place between the trucks and the top deck. Using riser pads enhance the leverage for more agility, and let you ride on steeper hills. size 1.375″ x 2.625″ x 1/2″ thickness. Hole pattern : 1.625″(matching with M6 hardware). Made in Canada. <strong>Set of 2 pads</strong></p>
        Price €10.00

          Harfang Bungee Leash

          <p>Harfang snowskate bungee leash. size 4.6" un-streched / 7.6" stretched. The leash is an essential safety accessory allowing to connect the rider to his board, and thus avoid any collision resulting from a board hurting alone. The Harfang leash is the safest of its kind, as it would no break from cold and the strap would resist to the cuts from ski edges passing on it.</p>
          Price €29.13

            Harfang Claw Snowskate...

            <p>Harfang Claw Snowskate trucks. Standard height. fiberglass reinforced plastic base plate, single pivot point technology, powder coated steel top part. Fit most snowskate sub-decks such as: Harfang, Hovland, Landyachtz, Boyd Hill... If you are looking for more leverage for freeriding and/or steeper hills, we would recommand to add an additional  1/2" riser pad. Made in Canada. <strong>Set of 2 Trucks with sub-deck mounting hardware(Top deck mounting hardware not included)</strong></p>
            Price €45.79

              Harfang Absolute 73mm...

              <p>Harfang Absolute Downhill longboard wheels Stage 1, CNC channels helps evacuate large amount of water and save traction on wet road and rain days. Diameter 73mm, width 56mm. <strong>Set of 4 Wheels</strong></p>
              Price €83.29

                Harfang Absolute 73mm...

                <p>Harfang Absolute Downhill wheels Stage 4 CNC grooves, prepared to optimized traction on patchy wet roads. Diameter 73mm, width 56mm. Set of ' Wheels</p> <p></p>
                Price €83.29

                  Harfang Claw-XT...

                  <p>Harfang Claw-XT snowskate trucks(extended version of the Claw trucks). 1.625″ top and bottom hole pattern. Powder coated steel top part, UHMW bottom part. Flipping the base allows for flex adjustment of the sub-ski. Allow to adjust the position of the top deck from front to back. Fit most Sub-deck brands: Harfang, Hovland, LY Snow(Aka Landyachtz), Boyd Hill,...) <strong>Set of 2 trucks with Sub-ski hardware included (4 stainless steel M6x25 hexagonal head screws). Top-deck hardware not included. Made in Canada</strong></p>
                  Price €54.13

                    Harfang Trucks 3.5"...

                    <p>Harfang aluminium 3.5" adapter plates. Will let you install Harfang trucks on any sub-ski using 3.5" hole pattern(Lib Tech). 1.625″ threaded holes and 3.5″ mounting holes. Included : 2 plates + mounting hardware (2 stainless steel M6x12 hexagonal head screw)</p>
                    Price €24.96