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      Decent Hardware Body Bag Longboard bag

      <p>The <span class="product_text_bold">Body Bag</span> is the ultimate traveling / multi skateboard  bag. Not only is it easy and comfortable to carry;  it's functional. You can carry  numerous boards, pads,  clothing, tools and practically any other skate or travel related item you can think of.</p>
      Price €139.95
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          Decent Hardware Park Bag

          <p><strong>Decent Hardware Park Bag will allow you to carry up to tree skateboards or longboards and gears</strong></p>
          Price €134.95
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              Decent Hardware Skate Bag

              <p>Decent Hardware Skateboard bag can fit up to 3 boards (2 Inside, and one attached on the outside) + your safefy equipements and spare parts. Can be carried as a backpack. Very functionnal and durable bag with many pockets. Size 36"</p>
              Price €119.95