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      Radar Villain 59x38 Slim Roller Derby Wheels(4 Pk)

      <p>The Radar Villain skate wheel offers an intense amount of grip but has more roll than other Hybrids, making it the fastest Hybrid on the market. The Villian Slim(38 mm x 59 mm) is designed to offer more agilty. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
      Price €44.95
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          Roll Line Boxer 55mm Roller Skate Wheels (Set of 4)

          <p>Roll Line Boxer 55mm beginner artistic roller skate wheels. Mono compound Elastomeric Thermo plastic Formula. Can be used on many types of skating surfaces including standard wood floors coated with plastic or poly urethane, but also unusual surfaces like, tile type basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts (Indoor or outdoor), and concrete or terrazzo surfaces that are more common around the World. Available in Pink and Blue. Made in Italy. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p>
          Price €14.95
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          Bont Glow Up Led Glitter 62mm Roller Skate Wheels (4 Pk)

          <p>Bont Glow Up Led Wheels 62mm diameter. Glitter compound. With their hybrid hardness of 83A, the Bont Glow Up wheels can be used both outdoor for sidewalk cruising and indoor (Roller disco, Skate rink). The Glow Up wheels feature built-in LEDs that light up when the wheel spins. No batteries required, as the energy is generated by the wheel's rotation. In addition to adding a funky touch, these roller skate light-up wheels enhance your safety by making you more visible at night. <strong> Set of 4 wheels (Bearings sold separately)</strong>.</p>
          Price €43.95