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      Becker Gip Soles Breaking Soles 10mm for Streetluge (Set)

      <p>Braking soles by the German brand Becker Grip Soles, 10mm thick. Specialized for Streetluge, buttboard, Bibi-bob. Sleek and durable rubber. To be glued under shoes (glue not included). Helps preserve shoes and increase foot braking power. Sold in pairs.</p>
      Price €39.95
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          Becker Gip Soles Breaking Soles 4mm Longboard (Set)

          <p>Becker Grip foot breaking soles, 4mm thickness. Specifically designed for Longboarding use. To glue to the underside of the shoe (not included). Helps preserve shoes when using foot braking and enhances braking power. The thin thickness does not compromise the flexibility of the shoe and allows for a good feel of the board under the feet. Recommended for longboard freeride and/or downhill. Pair.</p>
          Price €24.95