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      Gumball Toe Stops (Set)

      <p>Gumball Toe Stops is the number one roller derby stopper. Made with all natural rubber and an aluminium stem(to reduce weight), Gumball toe stops have the perfect balance of grip and durability necessary for quick stops and fast starts. Diameter 46mm. 2 stem sizes: short=17mm; Long=30mm. Available in 75A(More grip) or 83A(Better wear properties for outdoor and park skaters)<strong>. Sold as a set</strong></p> <p></p>
      Price €24.95
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          Gumball Superball Toe Stops (Set)

          <p>Gumball Superball Toe stops for Roller derby. The first ever dual density compbound(Better wear and durability), oversized shape, lightweight, multi-colored hollow stem(surprise non matching colors), super large stopping surface. High stopping power. <strong>Set of 2 stoppers</strong></p>
          Price €35.95