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Sure-Grip DA45 8mm...

<p>Sure-Grip DA45 Hanger. Standard 8mm axle. Adjustable pivot. Can fit the following Suregrip plates: Avender, Invader, XK-4 DA45. <strong>Sold individualy and without axle nut<br /></strong></p>
Price €15.00

Chaya Cast Truck(Pce)

<p>The Chaya aluminum casted truck. It features the innovative quicky axles system. 8mm axles with nuts. Compatible: with 20° &amp; 45° plates. Sold individually</p>
Price €6.63

Powerdyne Thrust V2...

<p>Powerdyne spare truck for Powerdyne Triton plates Thrust plates(Riedell R3, Dash,...). This truck fits seconde generation Thrust plates. If you are not sure at witch plates you have, please refer to the picture. The V2 has a wider hanger pin. Aluminium cast hanger, 8mm axles. Sold individualy and without axle nuts.</p>
Price €4.58

Roll Line...

<p>Replacement truck for Roll Line Baster and Killer plates. mm Steel Axle. <strong>Sold per one</strong></p>
Price €24.13

Sure-Grip Super X...

<p>Replacement spare truck hanger for Suregrip Super X plates. Sol singly with kingpin, bushings, and axle nuts.</p>
Price €8.29

Sure-Grip Park Series...

<p><span><span style="text-align:left;text-indent:0px;float:none;background-color:#ffffff;"><span style="text-align:left;text-indent:0px;float:none;background-color:#ffffff;">The Suregrip Park Series truck is designed specifically for park skating. Made to accommodate all 10-degree standard plates(Avanti, Rock,...). Unique 3” truck design is the perfect size for grinding while not setting your wheels too far apart. The truck sits slightly higher than a standard truck which allows for more kingpin clearance than anything on the market. Set of 4 Trucks</span></span></span></p>
Price €58.29