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      187 Derby Wrist Guards

      <p>187<span> Derby Wrist is designed with skating in mind. Its exceptional features have been developed to keep the athlete well protected and less restricted. Experience the difference!</span></p>
      Price €29.95
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          Triple Eight RD Wristsaver

          <p>Triple Eight’s RD wristguard was designed with a wider palm splint and snug fit body to withstand the rigors of derby. These wristguards come with uncompromising protection so you can whip around the track with confidence. Designed by roller derby girls for roller derby girls!</p>
          Price €34.95
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              Triple Eight Wristsaver II "Slide On"

              <p><span>Triple Eight Wristsaver II - Slide On wrist guards offer the same great support and protection of our original Wristsaver, with a new unique Slide-On design for easy on and off. These NEW wristsavers offer a tough, 4-way stretchable nylon mesh body for a snug fit with high density impact-resistant molded ABS splints on front and back of wrist for support.</span></p>
              Price €24.95