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      Amphetamine Ceramix Gold Skateboard Bearings (8 Pces)

      <p>Discover the Amphetamine Ceramix Gold bearings. With their cutting-edge design and precision technology, these revolutionary bearings offer exceptional performance. The Amphetamine Ceramix Gold bearings are specially designed for skateboarders and roller enthusiasts who seek an uncompromising speed experience. Featuring high-quality ceramic balls, these bearings ensure ultra-fast and smooth rotation, allowing you to reach incredible speeds. Set of 8 bearings + 4 standard spacers (8 x 10mm)</p>
      Price €54.95
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          Amphetamine Abec-5 Skateboard bearings

          <p>Amphetamine Abec-5 Bearings. Thermally applied coatings enhance corosion resistance; Grade 10 hardened steel balls for higher rockwell rating; Fritcion-free rubber shields fast and easy to maintain; Pre-lubricated with Amphetamine synthetic Speed Oil. <strong>Set of height bearings+spacers</strong></p>
          Price €11.95