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TSG Kneepad Roller...

<p>The Roller Derby 3.0 Kneepad features sewn PE caps and TSG unique double velcro closure straps. The double velcro closure on the top strap guarantees a secure fitand hold while eliminating snagging on players' clothing. A customisable bottom strap with concealed, quick-release buckle and open back butterfy then deliver perfect fit and size management.</p>
Price €74.96

Triple Eight Knee Pads...

<p>Triple Eight's KP 22 Knee Pads are high end knee pads that offer significant protection for those skaters that need more padding for use in skateparks, and want to wear the best, most durable knee pads on the market.  Perfect for skateboarding, inline skating (roller blading) and roller derby use.</p>
Price €29.13

Smith Scabs Elite...

<p>Protect your caps with these Recaps. Fits snugly over our Elite Knee caps.  These are made to fit the Original Elite knee pads.  Its recommended to apply the recap to a new set of Elite knee pads to help extend the life of the caps.  Apply with a double sided tape already adhered to the cap.  Just peel and stick the cap right on the riveted cap.  <span>Sold In Sets of 2.</span></p>
Price €16.63

TSG Wavesk8 A Kneepads

<p>Designed for surf skate the Kneepad TSG Wavesk8 A delivers all the protection  this discipline of sliding sideways demands. Its pre-shaped design is constructed from a double-stitched durable tear-resistant nylon to withstand the abrasive tarmac slides while a replaceable, high definition cap covers a removable ACF knee pad with lateral padding on both sides and above the knee. The pad is kept in place with anti-slip liner and top and bottom 360° Velcro straps. A comfortable lining and non-slip cuffs and pre-shaped design add to the pads precision fit and comfort so riders can focus on their ride without worrying about getting hurt.</p>
Price €91.63

G-Form Pro-X Knee pads

<p>G-Form  Pro-X Knee Pads, utilizing Reactive Protection Technology that offers consistent, repeated impact absorption  throughout the life of the product. They are the first flexible, molded, exoskeleton rate-dependent impact pad worn on the outside of the garment. The ridges and hinges of the pad are specifically designed to flex with the knee and leg to ensure complete protection. <strong>Set of two pads</strong></p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €62.46

TSG Recaps for...

<p>TSG recaps for Force II &amp; Force III kneepads. <strong>Set of two polyethylene caps.</strong></p>
Price €20.79

TSG Dermis A Knee-Sleeve

<p>The Knee-Sleeve Dermis A is a lightweight, slim-line bike pad that protects against impact and scrapes on and off the trails. The Lycra sleeve features groundbreaking technology developed by TSG. The protective qualities of this consist of an ergonomic soft-shell pad with stretch Kevlar facing: Packable protection for when easy rides turn hard.</p>
Price €58.29

G-Form E-Line Knee Pads

<p>G-Form E-Line Knee Pads. Featuring SmartFlex™: Flexible as you Ride. Hardens on Impact. CE 1621-1 certified to ensure outstanding protection. Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex™pads offer form-fitting and lightweight protection that is flexible during play and hardens on impact. Designed for the ultimate e-bike, enduro and downhill rides. Top and bottom adjustable hook and loop fit-straps for customized comfort, fit, and security. Flatlock stitching to reduce irritation. Technical mesh back for breathability.Rugged Armortex (Kevlar blend material) pad covering fights abrasion...</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €91.63

G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee...

<p>More durability. More comfort. More customized fit. G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee Guards deliver more, because you demand it. So bring on more trails with sharp branches and rocks. Pro-Rugged Knee Guards are made with the same legendary, soft, ultra-conforming G-Form technology that hardens on impact. But now with much, much more. Featuring SmartFlex™: Flexible As You Ride. Hardens on Impact.<strong> </strong>Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex™ pads. Armortex technology adds durability to your pads and resists tearing or catching. Adjustable fit-strap for customized comfort and security...</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €70.79

TSG SK8 DHP's...

<p>TSG SK8 DHP's knee pads is an extreme downhill protection developed in collaboration with Kevin Reimer. Downhill pads aren't just about saving flesh and bone from concrete but also provide a durable pivot for slides. Made from durable cordura fabric and with a large cap and lateral slide extensions. To keep it in place it also features secure neoprene butterfly straps with velcro closure.</p>
Price €99.96

187 Fly Knee Pads

<p>Globally popular, the Fly Knee is 187's slimmest and most versatile knee pad. Use is primarily for skating with cross-over applications in other action sports. The Fly Knee is a proven option for safety and protection.</p>
Price €41.63

TSG All Ground Kneepads

<p>TSG Kneepad All Ground is for serious riders who need pads that can withstand slams in pools and backyard ramps. Durable high-grade fabrics with double stitching, EVA impact foam and flat, high-density caps guarantee great protection and wear. Open-backed design with neoprene butterfly closure and 360° straps. EN 14120 CE Certified</p>
Price €41.63

TSG Force III Black...

<p>TSG Force III kneepads are a longtime favorite vert knee pads, designed by pro skate riders. The ergonomic pre-shaped design with an extra strong multi-layered foam and a replaceable cap provide superior protection when hitting the vert.</p>
Price €79.13

TSG Recaps for...

<p>TSG recaps for longboard A/D3O and roller derby 2.0 kneepads. <strong>Set of two polyethylene caps.</strong></p>
Price €19.13

187 Pro Derby Knee Pads

<p><strong>187 Pro Derby Pads </strong><span style="font-family:'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;margin:0px;padding:0px;border:0px;font-size:12px;line-height:18px;vertical-align:baseline;">"The Pro Derby Knee Pad brings years of roller derby experience from the rink to your knee. Through the input of top skaters, product features have been tested and perfected. Experience the difference."- 187</span></p>
Price €83.29

Smith Scabs Skate Knee...

<p>The Smith Scabs Derby Knee Pads are built especially with Derby in mind and is engineered to provide as much protection possible while keeping in mind the needs of Derby athletes. </p>
Price €45.79