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      Khiro Kingpins and...

      <p>Set of 2 Khiro Kingpins grade 8 with lock nuts</p>
      Price €5.83
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          Khiro Angle Wedge Rail...

          <p>Khiro Angled Wedge Rail Risers are an asset for skaters that ‘Wedge’ their Trucks to get the desired angle and they are quick and easy to install. Produced out of a custom reinforced plastic that Khiro uses to produce it’s full line of ‘Hard Risers’ that skaters rely on. <strong>Set of two(for one truck)</strong></p>
          Price €6.25
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              Khiro Angled wedge...

              <p>Khiro Angled wedge drop through shockpads 8,5°. By mounting your trucks on top of these Angled Risers, you can either increase or decrease how your trucks turn by changing the geometry of the KingPin and Pivot Point. <strong>Set of 2 pads</strong></p>
              Price €7.50