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Flat shock pads 1/8"...

<p>Set of two flat shock pads 1/8" (3mm) depth. Helps reduce vibrations and avoive wheel bites.</p>
Price €2.92

Flat shock pads 1/4"...

<p>Set of two flat shock pads 1/4" (6mm) depth. Helps reduce vibrations and avoive wheel bites.</p>
Price €2.92

Independent Hard Riser...

<p>Set of two Independent Flat hard flat risers pads.</p>
Price €4.17

Enuff Shock Pads 1mm

<p>Enuff Shock pads 1mm thick</p> <p>Set of two pads</p>
Price €2.50

Paris Riser pads 1/8"

<p>Set of two paris specific hard riser pads. 1/8" thick</p>
Price €4.17

Loaded Drop-Through...

<p>Loaded Drop-Through shock pads prevent damage to the deck that may be caused by contact between the deck and the base plate. They also help reduce road vibrations for a smooth and quiet ride. Also handy for topmount setups as a lightweight shim for vibration damping and wedging adjustments. Includes 4 drop-through shock pads (enough for one complete skateboard).</p>
Price €3.29

Paris Riser pads 1/4"

<p>Set of two Paris trucks specific hard riser pads. 1/4" thick</p>
Price €4.17

Angled Riser Pads...

<p>Set of two Angled riser Pads. 5° Wedge. 9,5mm to 14mm depth. 8 Holes. Soft duro</p>
Price €5.00

Angled Riser Pads 4°

<p>Set of two Angled riser Pads. 4° Wedge. 8,5mm to 14mm depth. 8 Holes.</p>
Price €5.83

Bear Hard Riser Pads(2Pk)

<p>Set of two Bear Flat hard flat risers pads. <span>Suits old and new-school mounting.</span></p>
Price €4.17

Riptide Tunnel Riser(Pce)

<p>Riptide Tunnel Riser . The Tunnel Riser is designed for eSk8 applications when you want to route wires underneath the trucks for a clean installation on your electric skateboard.  They can also be used on conventional skateboards if you want to route a cable lock under the trucks to discourage theft!  Conform to fit the concave of the board, size 82.55mm x 57.16mm; heights 14mm(0.55"); Weught 36Grs. <strong>Sold individually with a set of 4 2" bolts and nuts</strong></p>
Price €20.79

Rayne Bamboo Wedge...

<p>Rayne Bamboo Wedge rail risers. Set of 4(for 4 trucks)</p>
Price €4.58

Khiro Angled wedge...

<p>Khiro Angled wedge drop through shockpads 8,5°. By mounting your trucks on top of these Angled Risers, you can either increase or decrease how your trucks turn by changing the geometry of the KingPin and Pivot Point. <strong>Set of 2 pads</strong></p>
Price €7.50

Shredlights Skateboard...

<p>Skateboard mounts for Shredlights. With those pads, you can quickly and securely attach your lights to any type of skateboard, longboard, or E-Skateboard. Sold a a set(for 1 truck/2 lights)</p>
Price €6.63

RipTide Metal Drop...

<div class="rte" id="idTab1"><strong>RipTide Metal Dropthrough Backing plate</strong> <p>T6061-T6 Aircraft grade Aluminium with a black hard anodize finish.Those plates add extra strengh and stiffnes to drop through decks</p> <p>Sold as a pair</p> </div>
Price €20.79

Khiro Angle Wedge Rail...

<p>Khiro Angled Wedge Rail Risers are an asset for skaters that ‘Wedge’ their Trucks to get the desired angle and they are quick and easy to install. Produced out of a custom reinforced plastic that Khiro uses to produce it’s full line of ‘Hard Risers’ that skaters rely on. <strong>Set of two(for one truck)</strong></p>
Price €6.25

Yow Riser Pad 1"(Unit)

<p>Yow skateboard riser pad 1". sold individualy</p>
Price €8.29

Hard Flat Risers...

<p>Set of two Flat hard flat risers pads.</p>
Price €4.17