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Mindless Dancing/ Slides/...
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Mindless Dancing/...

<p>Mindless all around setup. Include Mindless Talisman II Trucks, Bolts set, 1/8" shockpads, Abec 7 Bearings, Mindless Viper 65mm 82A Centerset. This setup is recommanded for cruising, dancing, slides, and Freeride.</p>
Regular price €84.83 Price €83.29

Mindless Voodoo Juju...

<p class="_28cEs">Juju bushings are made using Mojo urethane and are available in various duros; Carve 83A (Green), Freeride 90A (Purple), Race 94A(Blue). Supplied as a pack of six bushings; four barrels and two cones, plus 2 cups &amp; 2 flat washers, these awesome bushings will really allow you to set your longboard up exactly how you want it to ride!</p>
Price €8.29

Mindless 1.125" Drop...

<p>Set of 8 bolts, nuts, and nut washers specialy made for drop through type longboards. Lenght 1.125"</p>
Price €4.13

Mindless Voodoo...

<p>Mindless Voodoo Talisman II truck has been gravity cast and heat treated for extra strength, keeping the hanger light yet strong and build in a special skull ball pivot design. One of the finest trucks out there at a very low price. Truck shaped for dancing, Carving, Cruising. <strong>Sold Singely</strong></p>
Price €20.79

Mindless RK Truck 7"...

<p>Mindless RK Truck 7" Black is a low budget longboard truck with reversed kingpin. This trucks is good for carving and cruising and/or light weight riders. 50° Base plate and 7" (177,8mm) hanger. Comes set with soft 78a double barrels bushings.<strong> Sold as a single truck</strong></p>
Price €16.25

Mindless Tribal Rogue...

<p>Mindless Tribal Rogue IV is an entry level Pintail longboard dedicated to beginners or those longboarding occasionally. It would sweet the ones of you looking for a commuting longboard. The wide plateform let you plenty of room to place your foot. Rogue now comes set withe reverse kingpin trucks forincreased turning agility</p>
Price €83.29

Mindless Maverick DT...

<p>The 4<sup><span style="font-size:small;">th</span></sup> generation of Mindless much-loved and well established Maverick DT has a new look. With Surf inspired floral graphics from guest artist Shaun Gordon and fitted with Talisman v2 Trucks as standard, the Maverick DT IV is sure to be one of the most popular boards we’ve made. Size 44"x9.75"</p>
Price €124.96

Mindless Core Pintail...

<p>Midless Core Pintail is a classic cruiser, at home on the beach front, cycle path or any flat ground. With a timeless pin striping style, the stunning rosewood veneer is shown in all its glory, making sure that every board is as unique as its rider. Mindless’ Core range provides top quality at a price point that’s attractive to everyone.</p>
Price €116.63

Mindless Stained Daily...

<p>The Mindless design team have been back to the drawing board to create some new mini cruiser planks for you to whip around on!  Small in size doesn’t always mean small in performance, and the new Mindless Daily may be only 24 inches in length but it sure packs a mighty punch!</p>
Price €66.63
Mindless Maverick IV Longboard
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Mindless Maverick IV...

<p>The much-loved and well established Mindless Maverick has been given a fresh look with surf inspired floral graphic from guest artist Shaun Gordon. Fitted with Mindless Talisman v2 trucks, smoked bamboo bottom ply and ABEC-9 Chrome bearings, the Maverick IV pintail cruiser is the perfect land surfer for any keen rider. 46"x9.75"</p>
Price €133.29

Mindless Daily Grande...

<p>Measuring 28″ x 7.75″ this is by no means a large board, still small enough for picking up and stashing in your backpack when riding isn’t a possibility. Ideal for cruising around town, to school or work.</p>
Price €79.13

Mindless Raider V...

<p>Ultra light weight and with as much flex as you can handle the Raider V is great for carving and cruising through the tightest of turns, it also has a kicktail so when the local stray dog suddenly leaps out in front of you, you will be able to turn and leave its drool dripping fangs in your Wake.</p>
Price €99.96

Mindless Core Dancer...

<p>This Mindless Core Dancer 44.5″ is an upgrade of the much-loved Mindless Voodoo Hamu. The symmetrical shape makes flips and spins a whole lot easier, while the length means that it also makes a great dancing board. It comes with a mellow concave, subtle rockers and a unique grip tape design, all mounted on Talisman II Trucks.</p>
Price €183.29

Mindless Hamu II 48"...

<p>Looking for a technical dancing board? Look no further! Mindless Hamu II 48" board comes with a mellow concave, subtle rockers and a unique grip tape design. It’s 48.5″ length and stable undercarriage make it a smooth ride, and with an 83.8cm / 33 inches wheel base it covers many riding styles. It can be used for dancing, tricks and cruising.</p>
Price €199.96

Mindless Viper 65mm...

<p>The Mindless Viper 65mm Wheels are pure allrounders. Ideal for downhill runs to hitting your local ledge. Centre set core makes coning a thing of a past. More than enough grip and control in any situation. Small enough to fit under smaller decks, big enough to ride over any cracks and bumps! <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p>
Price €24.96

Mindless Sunset 28"...

<p>Mindless Sunset Cruiser- Measuring 28″ x 7.75″ this is by no means a large board, still small enough for picking up and stashing in your backpack when riding isn’t a possibility. Ideal for cruising around town, to school or work.</p>
Price €79.13

Mindless Surf Skates...

<p>Mindless Longboards Surf Skate truck set. The front and rear truck differ to achieve the perfect fast, tight, progressive ride. Fast turns, snappy cut backs and super smooth carving perfect for all levels of riding. Turn any deck into surf skate. <strong>Sold as a set with risers &amp; Bolts</strong></p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €58.29

Mindless Sanke III...

<p>Mindless Sanke III is a flexy and light board for cruising and carving. The low plateforme makes the Sanke easy to push and controle. Sanke is a great accessible first board. Its action is not limited to only cruising and carving and you can use it for sliding and/or dancing.</p>
Price €99.96
Mindless Surfskate Setup
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Mindless Surfskate Setup

<p>Here is all what you need to set a surfskate: Mindless 159mm Surf skate trucks, Abec 7 Bearings, Beraing Spacers, Bolts set, Rider Pads, Mindless Viper 65mm 82A centerset wheels.</p>
Regular price €95.33 Price €91.63