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Bolzen Phillips Flat...

<p>Bolzen skateboard mounting hardware. Phillips flat head. 1"=&gt;Board without pads; 1.25"=&gt; Board with pads up to 1/4"; 1.75"=&gt; Board with pads up to 1/2"; 2" Board with wedged pads up to 8°; 2.5"=&gt; Board with wedged pads up to 15°; 3"=&gt; Board set with double wedged pads. <strong>Set of 8 bolts &amp; nuts</strong></p>
Price €4.13
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Bolzen Phillips...

<p style="margin-bottom:0cm;">Set of eight Longboard skateboard mounting Bolts, nuts, and washers(no washer with 2" bolts sets). Phillips Button Sockets Phillips bolts. Can be use on drop through and top mount settings</p>
Price €4.13

Bolzen Wedge Riser...

<p>Set of two Angled riser Pads. 5° Wedge. 9,5mm to 14mm depth. 8 Holes. Soft duro</p>
Price €5.00

Bolzen Slides Gloves V2

<p>The second version of the Bolzen longboard Slide gloves. The glove has been improved a lot and tested by the Bolzen team riders around the globe. Instead of Kevlar now there are two layers of suede on the fingertips for much more protection.Bolzen offers now a new sizing for people with small (women/youth). The strap is a bit longer for a better fit and the leather is perforated which allows a better breathing. Another big improvement is the puck, which are much thicker, with rounded edges, made in Germany with of a very durable plastic for a long live and a lot of great sessions.</p>
Price €35.79

Bolzen Flat bushings...

<p>Bolzen Flat bushings washers. Small(0.4")=&gt; Best fit with cones bushings; Large(1"): best fit with Barrel bushings. Set of four washers</p>
Price €3.29