List of products by brand Zealous

Zealous Classic...

<p>Set of eight Zealous built in spacers and speed rings bearings for standard 8mm axles trucks. Good value</p>
Price €16.63

Zealous sunglasses Green

<p>Zealous sunglasses green. Ride with style with those glasses who will protect your eyes from insects impacts when shredding, and make you looks cool when chilling. Warning: Does not meet any safety standard against UV</p>
Price €8.29

Zealous Facemask

<p>Zealous Branded facemask</p>
Price €8.29

Zealous Ceramic...

<p><span>Longboarders well loved Zealous bearings are now available with Ceramic balls to feed speed and racing needs. </span><span>Ceramic balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother and naturally corrosion resistant. This means it can use a lower viscosity lubricant which makes them fast right out of the tube. </span><span>Precision 8mm axle holes. 0</span><span>.4045" built in spacers. 0</span><span>.5mm built in speedrings. <strong>Set of height Bearings </strong></span></p>
Price €33.29