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      MyFit Derby...

      <p>MYFIT Derby Techsole – upgrade your game. The MYFIT Derby Techsole has been designed for Roller Derby skates, but also Park Roller skates. The thin sole out of 3-D molded EVA material combines support and performance.</p>
      Price €9.95
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          MyFit Gel Heel Pads

          <p>This Gel heel cushions will take away any shocks from your feet and legs. Your joints, ligaments, and bones will thank you. Sizes: Small 36-40; Medium 40-43; Large 43-47.</p>
          Price €10.95
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              MyFit Footies 2mm Low...

              <p><span><span>Myfit 2mm Low Cut Footies can be worn with quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes as an alternative to socks, enhencing confort and boot feeling.</span> Sizes: Small:34-37; Medium 37-40; Large 40-43</span></p>
              Price €19.95