List of products by brand MyFit

MyFit Derby...

<p>MYFIT Derby Techsole – upgrade your game. The MYFIT Derby Techsole has been designed for Roller Derby skates, but also Park Roller skates. The thin sole out of 3-D molded EVA material combines support and performance.</p>
Price €8.29

MyFit Gel Heel Pads

<p>This Gel heel cushions will take away any shocks from your feet and legs. Your joints, ligaments, and bones will thank you. Sizes: Small 36-40; Medium 40-43; Large 43-47.</p>
Price €9.13

MyFit Footies 2mm Low...

<p><span><span>Myfit 2mm Low Cut Footies can be worn with quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes as an alternative to socks, enhencing confort and boot feeling.</span> Sizes: Small:34-37; Medium 37-40; Large 40-43</span></p>
Price €16.63

MyFit Powerarch 45...

<p>The MYFIT Powerarch 45 strap is made for Inline skates and roller skates which do not provide enough heel lock. Simply place the velcro strap around your boot and tighten the strap to the desired tightness in order to lock your foot down. Set of 2</p>
Price €9.13

MyFit Powerdisc 45...

<p>This strap with a Powerdisc will lock your heel perfectly into any skate.Just put it around the heel and turn the knob until fully locked. The strap will improve the control, power transfer and support of your boots. One size fits All. Set of 2 powerstraps</p>
Price €33.29