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TSG Elbowpad Roller...

<p>The roller derby 3.0 Elbowpad features a stitched, high density PE cap for max protection and TSG unique snag-free double-layer 360° strap closure. This ergonomic pad has an easy to wear slip-on construction that is secured by top and bottom blind closure velcro straps to avoid snagging on other players. EN 14120 CE Certified.</p>
Price €45.79

TSG All Terrain Elbowpads

<p>Great for park and mini ramp skating, the  TSG All Terrain elbowpads combines durable high-grade fabrics, EVA cup foams and high-density full-coverage PE caps. Complete protection in a sleek design for free movements.</p>
Price €34.96

Triple Eight EP55...

<p>Triple Eight EP55 elbow pads. Designed for those skaters that need more padding, the EP 55 elbow pads combine durability, comfort and maximum padding that gets you back up after a fall. Heavy duty EVA memory foam, High density impact-resistant cap attached with reinforced rivets, Lycra sleeve, Top elasctic and bottom webbed adjustable straps.</p>
Price €24.96

187 Elbow Pads

<div class="rte"> <p><strong>187 Killer Pads Elbow Pads</strong></p> <p>- Tapered finish &amp; streamline design for less bulk<br /> - Contoured shape with seamless interiors for amazing fit &amp; comfort<br /> - Double stitching and high-strength ballistic nylon for durability<br /> - Superior interior foam and form-fitting riveted caps for performance</p> </div>
Price €30.79

G-Form Pro-X Elbow pads

<p>G-Form  Pro-X Elbow Pads, utilizing Reactive Protection Technology that offers consistent, repeated impact absorption  throughout the life of the product. They are the first flexible, molded, exoskeleton rate-dependent impact pad worn on the outside of the garment. The ridges and hinges of the pad are specifically designed to flex with the knee and leg to ensure complete protection. Sleeves color may vary. <strong>Set of two</strong></p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €45.79