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      Roller Skate Mounting...

      <p>Need us to mount your plates on your boots? It is all fine, our specialists can to It for you How does it works? Buy your shoes and plates from our shop and add our "Roller skate mounting service" to your basquet. We will get back to you for validation of the plate placement on the boot. This service may takes 2 to 3 working day traitment.</p>
      Price €20.83
      product name

          CIB Slide Blocks...

          <p>CIB Slide Blocks adjustement to fit Roll Line Blaster Plates. We widen the support bar holes so you can use the CIB Slide Blocks on Roll Line Blaster plates. <strong>ATTN: This a service, plates and slide blocks are sold separatly.</strong></p> <p><strong></strong></p>
          Price €10.00