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      OJ Wheels Elite Hard line Wide 54mm 99A Skateboard Wheels

      <p>Oj Elite Hard line Wide 54mm 99A Skateboard wheels. Wide contact patch for increased stability, and more resistance to flat spots. Centerset core, conical cut for increased control. <strong>Set of 4 Wheels</strong></p>
      Price €48.95
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          OJ Wheels 58mm Winkowski Tropic OG Mini Combo 99A Skateboard Wheels

          <p>OJ Skateboard Wheels Pro Winkowski 58mm Tropic OG Mini Combo Graphics. Hardness 99A. Asymmetric shape with an outer conical profile and a rounded inner profile. Wide ground contact surface (21mm) for increased stability and better control during slides. Fast wheels with long speed retention. The OJ Winkowski wheels are an excellent choice for bowl skating and/or with wide boards. <strong>Set of 4 Wheels</strong>.</p>
          Price €52.95