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Slide Pucks

Replacement slide pucks for longboarding gloves. Choose from various shapes, materials, manufacturers, colors,...

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TSG Slide Pucks

<p>TSG replacement longboard slide pucks. Fit most longboard gloves. Velcro fixation. Size 9,5x7,5mm, depth 11mm. Made of high density polythylene. Set of two</p>
Price €12.46

Root Brainfukker slide...

<p>Root Brainfukker slide pucks are some of the longest lasting pucks that we have test. 9cm diameter, 1.4cm thick. <strong>Set of two pulcks with Velcro on.</strong></p>
Price €15.83

Rekd Palm Slide Pucks

<p class="product-images-container__primary-image">The REKD Slide Glove Pucks are made from self-lubricating POM Nylon, making them stay lubricated even during use. The domed palm puck gives extra resistance from being pulled off mid slide. All the pucks have rounded edges which minimise the chance of snagging. Velcro on one side. Set of 2 palm pucks</p>
Price €8.29

Riders Fly Crema Fire...

<p>Crema Fire slide pucks by spanish company Riders Fly. Pucks are made of a mix of resine and fiber and are the same hardness as aluminium. 3 metals bars create flash sparks when in friction in the road, and add some extra life to the puck. <strong>Set of 2 pucks with one side velcro</strong></p>
Price €20.79

Bam Bam Slide Pucks

<p>BAMBAM PUCKS are slide pucks for downhill skateboarding. Place them by velcro fastener, on every slide glove.</p>
Price €18.75

Bam Bam Riser pucks

<div class="tab-pane fade in active" id="description"> <div class="product-description"> <p>BAMBAMBOO Puck Risers</p> <ul style="list-style-type:disc;"> <li>Material: Bamboo</li> <li>12mm high</li> <li>Set weight: 93g / 0.2 lbs</li> <li>Supports weight management<br />(automatically more weight over the board)</li> <li>Compensates vibrations while pucksliding</li> <li>Super strong velcro</li> <li>Allows you to grind your pucks completely down</li> <li>Protects your gloves with more height</li> <li>Its a natural product, no need for plastic</li> <li>Comes in a oldschool paperbag for herbs. Recycle it!</li> </ul> </div> </div> <p></p>
Price €10.79

Loaded Replacement...

<p>These are Loaded's OEM slide pucks and are meant to replace the puck(s) on your Loaded Freeride and Race gloves. Those pucks can match with any gloves having velcro on palms and fingers. <span>Replacement pucks for  the Palm, Finger  &amp; Thumbs</span></p>
Price €19.13

Bam Bam Sparks slide...

<p>BAMBAM PUCKS are slidepucks for downhill skateboarding. Place them by velcro fastener, on every slideglove. The 5 integrated flints ensure a spectacular spark output while you touch the ground during you slide and delight any audience. You will feel even more like a rocket.</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €18.75