Slide gloves

Slide gloves

Gloves are an essential protection when it's time for longboarding. Slide pucks will let you place your hand on the road when sliding and cornering.

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      Long Island Race Slide Gloves

      <p>Long Island leather race gloves. Made of thick micro perforated leather. Double leather finger tips, velcro palm pucks, knuckles protector shell. Probably the highest hand protection that you can get for this price.</p>
      Price €64.95
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          Loaded Gloves Freeride Advanced

          <p><strong>• Slim, minimalist design strikes an optimal balance of dexterity, protection, and durability. • Supple yet durable goat leather construction.</strong></p>
          Price €71.95
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              Landyachtz Comic Slide Gloves

              <p>Landyachtz Comic Slide Gloves. Specifically designed to be functional and practical. Perfect for freeriding. Made with a mix of Kevlar, nylon and suede for light weight, durability and breathability. Double stitching in wear zones for higher durability. Replaceable slide pucks made from super durable UHMW.</p>
              Price €54.95
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                  Long Island Freeride Slide Gloves

                  <p>Long Island Freeride longboard slide gloves. Best value gloves. Featuring velcro palm pucks, Kevlar finger tips, padded palm, neoprene wrist strap.</p>
                  Price €43.95
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                      Bolzen Slides Gloves V2

                      <p>The second version of the Bolzen longboard Slide gloves. The glove has been improved a lot and tested by the Bolzen team riders around the globe. Instead of Kevlar now there are two layers of suede on the fingertips for much more protection.Bolzen offers now a new sizing for people with small (women/youth). The strap is a bit longer for a better fit and the leather is perforated which allows a better breathing. Another big improvement is the puck, which are much thicker, with rounded edges, made in Germany with of a very durable plastic for a long live and a lot of great sessions.</p>
                      Price €42.95
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                          Venom Trojan Denim Disaster Blue Slide gloves

                          <p>Venom Trojan Denim Disaster Blue Longboard Slide Gloves are lightweight and breathable so you can protect your hands while shredding your longboard harder and faster Like a crazy denim cowboy.</p>
                          Price €59.95
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                              TSG Cuesta DH Longboard gloves

                              <p>Built to beat concrete and grit the leather TSG Cuesta DH glove is one of the thougest, most confortable downhill skate gloves on the hill. Armed with Carbon knuckles, Kevlar fingertips and made from hard-wearing(vented) real leather this monster of the road delivers ultimate protection, premium fit and the confidence to slide out on hairpins.</p>
                              Price €79.95
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                              Seismic Race Gloves(Witout Pucks)

                              <p>Seismic longboar Race gloves. Premiumm got-skin thoughout, with second layer reinforcing fingertips and hih-strees zones. Intelligent seam placement for fit and durability. High strength, form fitting goatskin/neoprene hybrid cuff with easy pull-on extension. Celcro split at natural palm crease for full and mobility. Breathable perforated goatskin on back of hand. Integrated kevlar knucke bar.<strong> SOLD WITHOUT PUCKS</strong></p> <p></p>
                              Price €69.95