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      TSG Crash Pant All Terrain

      <p><span class="tgtext_14" style="line-height:25px;">TSG best value Crash Pant All Terrain provides quality protection for the recreational action sports athlete. Slim and form-fitted, the multi-sectional foam panels are hidden below your pants while providing extra protection for thighs, hips and tailbone. </span></p>
      Price €59.95
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          TSG Crash Pant A

          <p>TSG Crash Pant A. <span class="tgtext_14" style="line-height:25px;">Highest protection in the lowest-profile short possible. The Crash Pant A uses a smart foam, which absorbs and then dissipates impact energy effectively whilst being softer and more comfortable than standard foam. All thigh, hip and tailbone pads can be removed easily at wash time. Ventilated to keep you cool downstairs.</span></p>
          Price €109.95