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Carver C7/C2 6.5" Raw...

<p><span>C7 is the signature truck that started it all at Carver. Still the smoothest turning, fastest pumping surf truck ever, it's at the leading edge of true surfskate performance. The patented second axis of this front truck not only increases the turning radius of your carve, but lets you snap the nose and pivot your turns off the tail. C7 match with a C2 truck at the rear. Size 6.5", Raw finish</span></p>
Price €129.13

Slide 3.0 Front & Rear...

<p>Slide surfskate front &amp; rear trucks set. Based on a mechanism including a regulable spring, the user has the feeling of surfing on the road, linking easily one turn with another. Helping surfers improve the sincronization of legs and arms. Also, Slide trucks help beginners to star practicing turns and improve their balance.</p>
Price €66.63

Mindless Surf Skates...

<p>Mindless Longboards Surf Skate truck set. The front and rear truck differ to achieve the perfect fast, tight, progressive ride. Fast turns, snappy cut backs and super smooth carving perfect for all levels of riding. Turn any deck into surf skate. <strong>Sold as a set with risers &amp; Bolts</strong></p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €58.29

Gullwing Sidewinder II...

<p>Gullwing Sidewinder II is a truck made for deep carving and with a surf feeling. Dual pivoting hanger allow deeper carves with no need of speed. Width 10"; Color: Raw. <strong>Single truck</strong></p>
Price €35.42

Carver C7 Link Set

<p>Replacement Link Set for Carver C7 Truck</p>
Price €8.29

Carver C7 Thrust...

<p>Carver C7 Replacement Thrust Bearing Set. Set includes: One 3/8" ID x 15/16" OD Top Thrust Bearing; Two 3/8" ID x 15/16" OD Top Thrust Washers; One 3/8" ID x 7/8" OD Top Washer; One 7/8" ID x 1 3/8" OD Bottom Thrust Bearing; Two 7/8" ID x 1 3/8" OD Bottom Thrust Washers; One 3/8-24 TPI x 1 ½" Long Pivot Bolt; One 3/8-24 TPI Nylock Nut</p>
Price €10.00

Carver CX/C2 6.5" Raw...

<p>This is Carver’s hybrid surf and skate truck. On the one hand it’s a standard RKP truck, on the other it has a patented geometry that squeezes every bit of turn and pump from the system. This means that you can pump this truck like a C7, but it lands airs and rides fakie with more stability as well. This opens up aerial maneuvers, and keys in with the latest progression of airs in surfing.</p>
Price €108.29

YOW Surfskate System...

<p>The YOW <strong>Surfskate</strong> truck is the truck that offers the most similar to surfing turns and feelings as surfing. YOW surfskate system box include: YOW base upper &amp; lower(to use with the front truck), YOW Riserpad( to use with rear truck), Bolts &amp; nuts.</p>
Price €79.13

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