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      Remember Lil'Hoots 65mm Longboard Wheels

      <p>The Remember Lil Hoots are super easy to slide and at 65mm are easy to fit on topmounts with no risers, or even onto pool or street decks that have wheel wells. The Remember wheels are famous for being super easy to slide, and decently durable as well. The Lil Hoot will make sliding easy, but don't expect much grip for carving or speed runs! <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
      Price €53.95
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          Remember Hoots 70mm Longboard Wheels

          <p>The Remember Hoot in 70mm is one of the most popular freeride wheels today as it is SUPER slippery. Often referred to as a "cheater wheel", this is one that is so easy to slide that you really have to stay over top of it for grip. Lots of riders opt for these for freeride or sliding for their decent pricing, and super smooth slides. <strong>Set of four Wheels</strong></p>
          Price €61.95
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              Remember Optimo 70mm Longboard Wheels

              <p>Remember is known for their super slippery wheels. This is the newest version, that is a bit wider and comes with a more supportive core. This Optimo 70mm wheel will slide and freeride easier than anything else in the game but won't have much grip for DH or gripping corners. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
              Price €67.95