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      Remember Optimo 70mm...

      <p>Remember is known for their super slippery wheels. This is the newest version, that is a bit wider and comes with a more supportive core. This Optimo 70mm wheel will slide and freeride easier than anything else in the game but won't have much grip for DH or gripping corners. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
      Price €41.63
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          Remember California...

          <p>Remember California Cruiser 7mm wheels are an awesome go-to for any board, long or short. They feature a nice flexy lip and a grippy high rebound urethane formula that is awesome for cruising, carving, or pumping. They are super smooth Rolling and fast even on the roughest pavement. <strong>Set of four Wheels</strong></p>
          Price €29.13