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TSG Skate BMX Injected...

<p>TSG Skate BMX Injected Black helmet. Low fit, ABS shell, EPS inner, CE EN 1078 / CPSC certified. Light weight (420g)</p>
Price €29.13

Arsenal Cast 44° 180mm...

<p>Arsenal Cast Trucks are designed to be as close to precision as the gravity casting process can provide. With extremely low tolerances and superior engineering, Cast Arsenals are the strongest and most comfortable cast truck on the market period.  They feature tall bushings, a bushing seat that complements the aggressive geometry and allows for ample lean and stability.</p>
Price €29.17

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<div id="idTab1"> <p>.Make someone happy by offering a gift certificate valid on all our catalogue! Gift certificate is send by post mail (can be sent by e-mail on demand) and have 6 months validity from the purchase day. Value 50€TTC(41,66€ off taxes)</p> </div>
Price €41.67

Triple Eight Pack 2 Park

<p>Triple Eight offers both KP 22 Knee Pads and EP 55 Elbow Pads in a convenient 2-pack along with a lightweight mesh backpack for convenient storage</p>
Price €45.79

Carver C7/C2 6.5" Raw...

<p><span>C7 is the signature truck that started it all at Carver. Still the smoothest turning, fastest pumping surf truck ever, it's at the leading edge of true surfskate performance. The patented second axis of this front truck not only increases the turning radius of your carve, but lets you snap the nose and pivot your turns off the tail. C7 match with a C2 truck at the rear. Size 6.5", Raw finish</span></p>
Price €129.13

Venom Trojan Denim...

<p>Venom Trojan Denim Disaster Blue Longboard Slide Gloves are lightweight and breathable so you can protect your hands while shredding your longboard harder and faster Like a crazy denim cowboy.</p>
Price €49.96
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Mindless Tribal Rogue...

<p>Mindless Tribal Rogue IV is an entry level Pintail longboard dedicated to beginners or those longboarding occasionally. It would sweet the ones of you looking for a commuting longboard. The wide plateform let you plenty of room to place your foot. Rogue now comes set withe reverse kingpin trucks forincreased turning agility</p>

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Slide Gussie 31"...

<p>Inspired by the surfboards, the Gussie 31" shape is your perfect weapon to go from one place to another, surf the streets and polish your style to get ready for epic conditions with long rides and powerful waves.</p>
Price €141.63

Cult Emperor 71mm...

<p>The concept for this Cult Emperor is a faster freeride that gives you a little more grip when you need it but still has a really smooth slide characteristic and is easy to break into a slide when you want to. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
Price €53.33

TSG Basic Set Multi...

<p>TSG Basic set include one set Knee pads, one set elbow pads, and a set of wrist guards. <span class="tgtext_14" style="line-height:25px;">The Elbow and knee pads with EVA cup foam and PE caps provide protection against impacts and abrasions. The wrist guard stabilizes hand and wrist with full straps and palm splint.</span></p>
Price €45.79

Cult Chronicle 65mm...

<p>Born from the wish of Alex Serrat to get the ultimate “do everything” skateboard wheel. Formulated from 78A Neurothane, the Cult Chronicle is small and perfectly formed for longboarders and skateboarders looking for a perfected slide with a smaller centerset shape.Stoned Grinded and Bevelled Edged for a smooth release and easy wear! <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
Price €40.00

Slide 3.0 Front & Rear...

<p>Slide surfskate front &amp; rear trucks set. Based on a mechanism including a regulable spring, the user has the feeling of surfing on the road, linking easily one turn with another. Helping surfers improve the sincronization of legs and arms. Also, Slide trucks help beginners to star practicing turns and improve their balance.</p>
Price €66.63

Harfang Supreme 65mm...

<p>The ROMAN CANDLE is a wheel preparation by Harfang Wheels. You’ll now be able to create real fire when sliding your wheels. This modification will not change the feeling of your ride and will only make sparks when drifting/sliding. Harfang Supreme 65mmfreeride wheel. Buttery smooth predictable slides at low and high speeds. <strong>Set of 4 Wheels</strong></p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €66.63

Slide Swallow 33"...

<p>One of the biggest of the Slide crew, the Swallow 33" is focused on longboarders and riders that would rather have extra volume under their feet. The Swallow allows you to practice wide turns, move and dance they same way you do it surfing with your longboard. The Swallow is the perfect model for bigger sized riders and for those who are more comfortable with wider shapes.</p>
Price €141.63

Powell Peralta Mini...

<p>The Essert model has been designed to be the ultimate all-around downhill and freeride board. Built from Bamboo, he deck features a  drop that is located between the truck holes to hold you in place while sliding, drifting, or freeriding. The smooth radial concave makes this board comfortable and appropriate for all venues of riding. Here is a shortest version of the original deck</p>
Price €157.50

Mindless Core Dancer...

<p>This Mindless Core Dancer 44.5″ is an upgrade of the much-loved Mindless Voodoo Hamu. The symmetrical shape makes flips and spins a whole lot easier, while the length means that it also makes a great dancing board. It comes with a mellow concave, subtle rockers and a unique grip tape design, all mounted on Talisman II Trucks.</p>
Price €183.29

Landyachtz ATV-X Ditch...

<p>The ATV Series by Landyachtz are guaranteed to make you skate faster, ollie higher and shred harder. Well, that is assuming you already skate fast, ollie reasonably high, and shred on a regular basis.</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €162.46

Seismic Lokton 36 Grit...

<p>Seismic Lokton is noticeably sharper, tougher, and grippier. Grit stays ultra-sharp, doesn’t flake off. No smearing or peeling, even in heat or rain. The bestdownhill longboarding grip in the history of grip. Lock in with Lokton™! Midnigh blue color. Fishnet laser cuts offer 40% weight saving and increase grip. <strong>Three 11" x 11" sheets pack</strong></p>
Price €34.13

Mindless Mandala 28"...

<p>This bold design is attractive to all ages with its striking gradient graphic. The Mindless Mandala 28" x 8.125" has a subtle upturned nose and a V-shaped kick tail with a short 15.5" wheelbase, making it ideal for the streets and bowls. Board set with California 5.5" Trucks, Abec 9 Bearings, 60mm 83A Wheels</p>
Price €83.29

TSG Longboard A Kneepads

<p><span class="tgtext_14" style="line-height:25px;">Custom-tailored to longboarders' needs, TSG Kneepad Longboard comes in a slim, pre-shaped design with a true anti-slip fit. The integrated Arti Lage impact pad and side pads are soft during normal use but powerful at the point of impact, with high performance shock absorption. Comes with replaceable PE caps featuring new protective side-slide extension.</span></p>
Price €74.96

TSG Pass Matt Black...

<p><span class="tgtext_14" style="line-height:25px;">Developed and engineered in conjunction with three-time world downhill skateboard champion and product designer Martin Siegrist,  TSG Pass longboard helmet is the last word in performance. The compact shell and its aerodynamic design allow for an unrestrained speed rush, while its CE certified construction let's you cut loose with confidence.</span></p>
Price €208.29

Globe Big Blazer...

<p>The Big Blazer in colour Rosewood/Cowprint is a GLOBE medium length diamond-tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener and soft cruiser wheels. It is available in size 32" x 9.125" x 17.75"WB. It is made of Rosewood + Hard rock maple. It has a mellow concave with kick tail and 6.0" Tensor Alloy trucks with 62mm 78a wheels. It features a printed griptape.</p>
Price €124.96

Venom Harlot Cobra...

<p>Venom Harlot is the wheel you've always needed. The offset shape combined with Cobra Core and a stoneground finish provides a smooth freeride experience right out of the package. While the progressive wear profile keeps a consistent contact patch throughout the life of the wheel. Hard In The Paint Formula gives Extra drift at same duro, and leave nice white thane lines behind you. <strong>Set of 4 wheels</strong></p>
Price €54.13

Powell Peralta Ripper...

<p>Powell Peralta short sleeves Tee Shirt standard fit. Bones Ripper Graphic. Originaly drawn by V.C. Johnson in 1983. Small left chest chest graphic and large back graphic. 100% cotton soft spun cotton jersey.</p>
Price €27.08

Landyachtz ATV-X...

<p>The ATV-X Series by Landyachtz are guaranteed to make you skate faster, ollie higher and shred harder. Well, that is assuming you already skate fast, ollie reasonably high, and shred on a regular basis. Your city streets asked for the ideal skate everywhere do everything board and we answered. Traditional skate construction with an added layer of fiberglass create a lightweight, long-lasting and fully capable city cruiser that you can actually skate!  Tackle all terrains!</p>
Price €199.17

Long Island Pier 31"...

<p>Long Island Pier 31" is a great entry level surfskate witch will let you get the surf feeling on you skateboard. The 150mm Surf trucks makes pumping fun and easy. Board is set with griptape, Surf trucks 150mm, Cinetic Crop 66mm 78A wheels, and Abec7 bearings. Size 31"x9.5", Wheelbase 19"</p>
Price €149.17

Yow Chicama 33" The...

<p>Yow Chicama 33" Dream Wave Series  Surfskate. Wide plateform so you have plenty of space to place your feet. With Yow Spring system, you will feel like if you was surfing. Board set with Yow V4 S(Hard) system, Yow standard trucks 8.5", Abec 7 Bearings, Yow 60mm 83A Wheels</p>
Price €190.83

Amphetamine Ceramix...

<p>Amphetamine Ceramix Silver. Zirconium oxide ceramic ball bearing, High precision tooling for less friction, Lighter and faster than steel ball bearings, Oil-free raceway provides longer running life. <strong>Set of height bearings+spacers</strong></p>
Price €29.13

Riptide PSD InSide...

<p>The PSD foot stops are made out of extra hard urethane by the renown bushings company RipTide.</p> <p style="margin-bottom:0cm;">The foot stop helps you keeping your front foot in locked place while sliding or cornering.</p> <p style="margin-bottom:0cm;">Sold as one foot stop including a long bolt</p>
Price €21.63

Landyachtz Dugout...

<p>The Dugout shape is based off Landyachtz's tried and tested Loco series molds. This board features a compact, tapered cruiser shape with classic concave and a super functional kicktail. Cruise the streets and hit every feature in your path on this little ripper.</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €149.96

Mindless Maverick IV...

<p>The much-loved and well established Mindless Maverick has been given a fresh look with surf inspired floral graphic from guest artist Shaun Gordon. Fitted with Mindless Talisman v2 trucks, smoked bamboo bottom ply and ABEC-9 Chrome bearings, the Maverick IV pintail cruiser is the perfect land surfer for any keen rider. 46"x9.75"</p>
Price €133.29

Riviera Glass Off...

<p>Riviera Glass off is a surf inspired classic longboard made just for your cruising needs. A stable platform with mellow concave and a functional kick-tail that makes skating as fun as it was the day you took your first push.</p>
Price €166.63

Carver Channel Islands...

<p>Developed with Channel Islands around their classic Pod Mod, this Carver groveler shortboard is meant to be ridden wider and shorter for progressive everyday performance. Set with Carver C7 Spring truck for fluid surfskate performance.</p> <p></p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
Price €291.63