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Mini Logo 8" Trucks/...

<p>Mini Logo 8" Trucks/ Bearings/ Wheels combo. This Kit would match with a skateboard deck width 7.87" to 8.25". Includ 1 set Mini Logo 8" trucks Raw, 1 set Mini Logo bearings, 1 set Mini Logo 53mm wheels. DOES NOT INCLUD boltset &amp; griptape</p>
Price €68.29

Setup Kit for...

<p>This pack includ the elements required to set a skateboard(shortboard): 1 set Globe slant trucks, 1 set Abec5 bearings, 1 set Nudes 52mm wheels, 1 set shockpads 1/8", 1 bolts set 1.25", 1 set of bearing spacers. Excellante value. To set a deck width Under 8", choose 5" trucks, for deck ranging from 8" to 8.25", 5.37" trucks would give better result.</p>
Price €45.75

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