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8mm Axles Speed rings...

<p>Speed rings to fit on standar 8mm axles.</p> <p>Match with most trucks: Paris, randal, Caliber, Tracker, Independant, Seismic, Gullwing, gunmetal,...</p> <p>Set of 4 speed rings (For one truck)</p>
Price €0.79

Bearing spacers...

<p>Standard aluminium bearings spacers. To be used with 8mm axles. Fit on most skateboard and longboard wheels. The spacers will help keeping the bearings in place into the wheels, improving your riding precision. Set of four spacers</p>
Price €2.08

Kingpin Nut Standard...

<p>Standard replacement nut to fit on kingpins</p> <p>Sold per piece</p>
Price €0.50

Axles nuts 8mm(4Pk)

<p>Replacement axles nuts for standard 8mm axles.</p> <p>Set of four</p>
Price €1.67

Enuff Allen bolt set...

<p>Enuff Allen bolt set. Include 8 bolts size 1.25", with matching nuts and allen key. 1.25" is the standard size commonly used to set skateboards and longboards (when not using riser pads). This bolt shape is great for top mount boards (for drop through, we recommend using specific flat head bolt sets)</p>
Price €3.29

Phillips Flathead...

<p style="margin-bottom:0cm;">Set of eight skateboard mounting Bolts and nuts. Phillips Flathead. Sizes: 1"= 2,54cm; 1 1/8"= 2,85cm ; 1.1/4"=3,17cm ; 1.1/2"=3,81cm ; 2"=5,08cm</p>
Price €3.29

Enuff Bolts set 1"...

<p>Set of 8 Enuff bolts and nuts. Philipps head. size 1"</p> <p>6 black and 2 silver</p>
Price €3.29

Enuff Allen bolt set 1"

<p>Enuff Allen bolt set. Include 8 bolts size 1", with matching nuts and allen key. 1" is the standard size commonly used to set skateboards when not using riser pads.</p>
Price €3.29

Independent Phillips...

<p>Independent skateboard mounting hardware. Phillips flat head. Set of 8 bolts &amp; nuts</p>
Price €3.29

Kingpins and lock nuts...

<p>Set of 2 Kingpins with lock nuts</p>
Price €5.00

Kingpins Allen heads...

<p>Set of 2 Kingpins Allen heads with lock nuts</p>
Price €5.00

Enuff coloured bolts 1"

<p>Set of 8 Enuff 1" Coloured Allen Key bolts and Allen Key for Skateboard Trucks</p>
Price €5.00

Khiro Kingpins and...

<p>Set of 2 Khiro Kingpins grade 8 with lock nuts</p>
Price €5.83

Bushings cup washers

<p>Bushings cup washers. Set of two</p>
Price €1.88