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Mouth Guards

Keep smiling with our selection of sports-specific mouthguards: Roller derby, Rink Hockey, Skateboarding, BMX, Rugby,... Preserve your jaw and teeth by cushioning and dispersing impacts.

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      Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard

      <p>Sisu 3D mouth guard. Pre-formed design for even more ease of use. The Sisu mouthguard molds to the exact shape of the jaw by simply soaking in hot water (77°C). Sisu 3D has a profile with different thicknesses to combine comfort and optimal protection. 2mm thickness on sensitive areas. Perforations allow you to drink without taking your guard out. Compatible with dental braces(Must be fitted by a dentist). One size fits all. Recommended for many sports: Roller Derby, Rugby, Fighting sports, BMX,...</p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
      Price €29.95
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          Sisu Aero Next Gen Mouth Guard

          <p>The SISU™ 1.6 Aero Mouth Guard is perfect for team sports like Roller derby, basketball, handball, rugby, floorball, and hockey where communication, comfort and protection are key. The thinner SISU™ 1.6 Aero Mouth Guard fits snugly to your teeth, ensuring a perfect custom fit and enabling you to easily breathe, talk and drink. Medium fits most Adults, Small is made for kids and/or smaller faces</p>
          Price €27.00
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              Sisu Portable Heat Pack For Molding Mouthguard

              <p>Who has the time to go searching for hot water minutes before their big game? The SISU Heat Pack is a portable heating source to allow athletes to mold their SISU Mouthguards from anywhere! Without the need for water or electricity, the SISU Heat Pack is the perfect one-time use solution for lost or forgotten mouthguards. Always be prepared for battle with a SISU portable heat pack!</p>
              Price €5.50
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                  Sisu Mouthguard case

                  <p>Protect your mouthguard with the light weight and durable SISU Case. Made from antimicrobial material and armed with a built in ventilation system,  SISU Case inhibits growth of bacteria during storage. The case provides extra storage for personal items and is equipped with a carabiner handle for easy carrying. SISU Case is perfect for Sisu <strong>mouthguards, which are sold separately</strong>.</p>
                  Price €9.95
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                      Sisu Fresh Mouthguard Spray

                      <p>No mouthguard will freshen your breath. That's why Sisu invented SISU FRESH Mouthguard Spray! This rejuvenating cinnamon and mint flavored spray is applied directly to the mouthguard before use, leaving a taste as sweet as victory itself. To clean after use, rinse, spray, and store the mouthguard once it is dry.</p>
                      Price €10.95