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  • Durometer: 88A

Independent Standard...

<p>Independent Standard Cylinder Bushings.<strong> </strong><span style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;line-height:normal;">Made with an Exclusive High-Rebound Formula that improves grind clearance and adjustability when used with the included washers. <span>Properly sized to fit Independent trucks</span>(also fit most skateboard trucks: Venture, Iron, Destructo, Thunder,...) Includ 4 Bushings(For 2 Trucks).</span></p>
Price €8.29

RipTide Paris Canon...

<p>The Canon bushings are the equivalent to Riptides standard Barrel Bushing sized specifically for the seat of Paris Trucks. <strong>Set of Two (for one trucks)</strong></p>
Price €9.58

RipTide Barrels WFB...

<p>The Barrels are a classic shape for Downhill and freeriding. It ensure a maximum of stability at high speed. Set of two (For ine truck)</p>
Price €9.58

Venom Tall Barrels SHR...

<p>Venom SHR Ronin specific. Made out of Ultra High Rebound Formula, those Venom bushings are a great update to any models of Ronin Trucks. Tall barrels shape. <strong>Set of two bushings (For one truck)</strong></p>
Price €11.67

Bones Hardcore Barrels...

<p>Bones Hardcore™ Bushings are barrel bushings which will fit in ALL longboard trucks that use standard height bushings such as Aera, Caliber, Paris, Randal, PNL, etc. The insert greatly increases the precision of your truck by limiting side to side movement of the hanger, increasing rebound, stability, and steering. <strong>Set of 2 bushings(for one truck)</strong></p>
Price €12.46