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      Spitfire Flame Logo...

      <p>Spitfire Flame Logo Sticker. Size 5,5x8cm</p>
      Price €0.83
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          Spitfire Cheapshots...

          <p>Spitfire Cheapshots Abec5 Skateboard bearings. Good value skateboard bearings, the quality of a renowed brand at a tiny price. Resit well to repetitiv impacts. <strong>Set of 8 bearings</strong></p>
          Price €13.33
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              Spitfire Classics Abec...

              <p>Set of height Spitfire Classics bearings Abec5. Good strenght and fast rolling. All you need for skateboarding</p>
              Price €16.63
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                  Spitfire Burners Abec...

                  <p>Spitfire Burners Abec7, precision bearings, super fast, high resistance to impacts, removable nylon cage for easy cleanning. <strong>Set of height bearings</strong></p>
                  Price €20.00
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                      Spitfire Bigheads 53mm...

                      <p>The Bighead is the wheel shape that started it all at Spitfire. Its slightly increased surface made it a best for all terrain. 53mm diameter, 99a (Hard), 36mm width. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
                      Price €41.63
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                          Spitfire Formula Four...

                          <p>Spitfire Classics Formula Four 52mm 99a wheels. All round high performance street wheels made in USA. 32mm width including 15.5mm contact patch. The Formula Four is an unbeatable lasting performance urethane.More speed and control on all surfaces, unmatched flatspot resistance, smooth anti-slick slide, High rebound Compound. <strong>Set of four wheels</strong></p>
                          Price €48.33